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Madison Park

Blue Horizon Gallery Art 5 Piece Set with Bronze Frame

Blue Horizon Gallery Art 5 Piece Set with Bronze Frame

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Accent your home décor with the Madison Park Blue Horizon Gallery Art 5 Piece Set by Artists Elise Green, Edith Phelps, and Aubrey. Each canvas wall art features an abstract design in soft blue and natural hues that create a cool and relaxing atmosphere. A gel coating adds a clear sheen to each smooth rolled canvas to protect the colors from fading, while a bronze frame provides an elegant finish. Hang this five piece wall art set together to create a gallery ready look or hang them separately around your home to complement your décor with a modern touch. Each canvas has 2 D-rings on the reverse to easily display anywhere in your space.


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1 Canva: 19.6"W x 15.6"H x 1.61"D

1 Canva Frame: 21.6"W x 21.6"H x 1.61"D

1 Canva Frame: 16.6"W x 36.6"H x 1.61"D

1 Canva Frame: 17.6"W x 17.6"H x 1.61"D

1 Canva Frame: 19.6"W x 19.6"H x 1.61"D


• Printed Gallery Bronze Framed 5 Piece Wall Art Set
• Abstract printed designs in soft blue and natural hues
• Gel coated finish provides additional texture and a light glossy touch, while also preventing fading over time
• Bronze frame provides an elegant finish
• 2 D-rings on reverse of each piece for easy hanging
• Spot clean only
• Comes as a 5 piece set in varying sizes; 1 piece 19.6x15.6x1.61", 1 piece 21.6x21.6x1.61", 1 piece 16.6x36.6x1.61", 1 piece 17.6x17.6x1.61", 1 piece 19.6x19.6x1.61"
• Artists: Elise Green, Edith Phelps, Aubrey


45% Polystyrene
45% MDF
10% Canvas


Spot clean only

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